Travel arrangements for sicily

Travel arrangements for sicily

I always advise my guests: book a cheap flight first, then the accommodation and last the rental car, without it almost nothing goes. Because the bus and train connections are poor in Sicily and only something for someone who brings a lot of time. So if you don't want to make a pure bathing vacation and also want to see something, you should definitely book a rental car. Especially since many consider the size of the island – after all, over 25.000 square kilometers – and underestimate the road conditions.

Tips for rental cars

Book in advance and in the high season (July, August, September) in time over the Internet. Preferably always with a fully comprehensive insurance, in which also glass and tire damages are included. Please make sure that the rental company is located in the terminal in case of cheap offers. This is the fastest way. Often there is a shuttle to the station. This means you have to call the rental company and they will drive you to the station. This can sometimes cost a lot of time. You will not get a car without a credit card and this should also be sufficiently loadable (ca. 2000 euros are advisable) because the sums for possible damages or theft are blocked, not deducted. Don't get talked into additional insurance at the airport. This is often tried, especially if you do not book directly with one of the major providers, but go through an Internet platform that acts as an intermediary. There you also submit the costs in case of accidents and other inconveniences, which will then be reimbursed. This means you pay in advance. You should have a close look at your car when you receive it and have any further scratches documented and, ideally, still take photos. Compare prices on the different portals. You will find a list at the end. If you are a member of the ADAC, you should also ask there for a quote for a rental car. Can sometimes be the cheapest offer.

Car brokers on the Internet:


Of course you can find accommodation with us. We arrange for you personally selected and appraised villas, vacation homes, apartments for a relaxing vacation in Sicily. We look at each object before we include it in our catalog. Every year we are on the road for you and look at new objects. Our wish is to bring this island, which really deserves the predicate magical, closer to other people. We prefer to advise you personally on the phone and help you plan your trip to Sicily. You can reach us by mobile phone at 0179/5943750 or by landline +49/431-98260781. Leave us a message on the answering machine if we can't be there for you personally.

You can find our vacation accommodations on: www.magic-sicily.en


Sicily currently has four airports: Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Comiso. To our regret, there are no direct flights from northern Germany to Palermo and only a few to Catania. Ryanair has greatly reduced its connections to Trapani. Airlines flying to Sicily include Ryanair, Eurowings, Condor, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Easyjet and many more.