Valet asks pope’s pardon for “vatileaks

Valet asks pope's pardon for "vatileaks

Paolo gabriele, who was released from custody to house arrest, has admitted mistakes and asked for forgiveness in his personal letter to the pope, writes the "corriere della sera" on tuesday with reference to gabriele's defense lawyer, carlo fusco. He also assured in the letter not to have had any accomplices. Unconfirmed reports, strongly denied by the vatican, had previously spoken of several helpers.

Gabriele, arrested at the end of may, is suspected of having stolen confidential documents from the papal registers, which then became public. In the next few days, a decision will be made as to whether or not the chamberlain will stand trial for aggravated robbery. If found guilty, he faces several years in prison.

His client was in no way accused by the investigators of having been part of a plan together with other trusted benedicts, the lawyer explained. His letter was given to the cardinals who are investigating the "vatileaks" affair, he said.