Meteorologists expect first rough heat wave

meteorologists expect first rough heat wave

In the coming week the first rough heat wave of this summer could come to germany. "So far it has almost always been very warm, but it has not yet exceeded 30 degrees for several days in large parts of the country."

This was explained by meteorologist thore hansen from the german weather service (DWD) in offenbach. Subtropical air masses could soon change that. "So the already extreme drought, especially in northern germany and parts of eastern germany, will continue to worsen, and the risk of forest fires will also increase again," the meteorologist said of the outlook in the new week.

Many regions are already suffering from drought and the risk of forest fires. In north rhine-westphalia, for example, the fire department in several cities is jolting out to prevent trees from drying out. After weeks of rain, such operations have already been carried out in aachen; in wuppertal, this is planned from monday, according to the municipal authorities. On friday, the fire department also wanted to water inner city trees in dusseldorf. "The trees are so distressed that they urgently need water," said a spokesman.

The association of fire departments in north rhine-westphalia speaks of unusual operations. Because tree felling is not one of the statutory tasks, such as fire protection, disaster control, human rescue and assistance in the event of accidents.

In thuringia, the danger of forest fires is estimated to be so high that not even grave candles may be lit in the cemeteries of erfurt. Particularly in erfurt's main cemetery, with its dense tree population and now dried-up lawns, the fire risk is high due to a lack of precipitation, the city administration announced. Only electric grave lights are still allowed.

The city of erfurt also banned the withdrawal of river water from the gera. According to the city administration, the minimum water level set for the protection of flora and fauna has not been reached.

Before the heat wave expected for next week, the meteorologists expect a little freshening up this weekend. In the south up to the middle of germany is to be expected from saturday on with rather unstable weather. Thunderstorms with heavy rain are also possible. The north, on the other hand, must continue to wait for rain. Temperatures remain summer between 25 and 32 degrees.