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How to use index funds (etf) to build my retirement savings

The pension system hasn't been what it used to be for layers. Savings accounts, time deposits and overnight accounts are barely earning interest and more and more consumers are considering ways to build up money for retirement. For this reason, numerous small investors invest their money in shares or index funds, in order to enjoy financial freedom in old age and to be able to live carefree. If you, too, are still looking for an appropriate retirement plan, we explain why ETFs are a good choice for building wealth for retirement. Furthermore, we enumerate the pros and cons of investing in ETFs to give you a better overview and make it easier for you to decide which investment is right for you.

What are ETFs (index funds)?

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are exchange-traded index funds that offer several advantages. ETFs allow you to invest in entire markets with just one security. Which means that you can practically get by with just a single MSCI World ETF at around 1.600 companies spread around the world. Other advantages are that trading as well as holding ETFs is inexpensive. Many providers charge no money for the purchase of ETFs, others only one euro per purchase. In addition, exchange traded funds are transparent and are traded on European stock exchanges.

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Real estate financing – options with and without equity capital

Real estate financing - options with and without equity capital

Real estate financing, also known as construction financing in the case of construction projects, comprises all types of financing required to cover the capital requirements for a construction project or a real estate purchase. Below we provide information on real estate financing in general and specifically on private financing. We describe the different forms of equity and debt capital for financing and explain how you can create or acquire real estate even without equity capital.

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